For over a decade, Business Expert Press has been providing faculty with concise, applied, content in all areas of business, at a considerably lower cost than traditional textbooks. Although brief in presentation, our books are deep in the treatment of the subjects with which they deal. They present cutting-edge topics, supported by current research and inspired by dynamic changes in the global business environment. Our books cover new developments in the field, best business practices, and fast-moving advances in technology. Often our award-winning books, written by experts in their fields, introduce and cover emerging topics well in advance of their coverage in traditional textbooks, and often offer pedagogy prepared by our authors to accompany the book.

BEP has 9 main collections, covering the fundamental themes and functions of business. Each collection, in turn, includes a wide array of books on sub-topics relevant to the collection. It is our aim to be a one-stop publisher for applied, results-driven content for business students and professionals.

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Courses Matched With Our Books

Business Education
Shaping The Future of Work

Business English
Business Report Guides

Business Personnel Management: Human Relations
Conversations About Job Performance

Business Personnel Management: Human Resource Planning
Employee Leaps

Business Personnel Management: Staffing
Precision Recruitment Skills

Business Personnel Management: Training and Development
Competencies at Work

Consumer Behavior
A Primer On Consumer Behavior

Corporate Finance: Capital Budgeting
Capital Budgeting

Corporate Finance: Financial Analysis and Planning
Business Planning and Entrepreneurship

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