The E-CIP platform

Provides information on 24 million books from 7 countries. (US, UK, France, Germany, Korea, China, and Japan)

Conducts automatic title searches in real-time.

Provide only relevant new book information to users via email.

Increases librarian efficiency by more than 60 times.

Applies a groundbreaking user interface and infomation display.

Uses an Al engine to automatically provide customized MARC records in real-time. (World first)

E-CIP (Electronic-Cataloging in Publication) provides bibliographic information for more than 24 million book titles and 110 million open-access articles and tournals. E-CIP’s misSIon iS sharing intormation globally while providing efticient, trom anvwhere, solutions tor libraries and patrons. It is built to integrate with all library operating systems, identities duplicate book requests, and allows patrons to request titles that are not listed in vour system.


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Automatically provide MARC in real-time for new releases.
AILMAKC records can be created by ISBN
– Especially useful for donated books.
Real-time MARC for wish-listed titles.
Records can be converted into MARC ML and MODS

Comprehensive Collection

E-CIP has a complete collection of digital content, including -books, articles, journals, research papers, and multimedia resources. Users can explore materials spanning various subjects and disciplines, catering to the diverse needs and interests of learners.

Eliminates redundant work tor greater stat efficiency

New Book curation service

Simply remove duplicate book requests from patrons

Easily generate recommended title lists


Convenient browse/search access to book data for millions of books, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Quick, simple, personalized content requests to the library

Tailor your personalized needs for any type of books or articles.

Receive self-customized book lists via email

Global information for 7 nations (US, UK, Korea, France, Germany, China, Japan)

Multilingual platform (English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese)

Daily update or 7,000 - 10,000 books

Articles and journal: real-time update

Available for desktop, laptop, pad, or smart phone use

Built on state-of-the-art technolog. E-CIP represents the future of library services, combining convenience, accessibilit, and innovations to empower learners of all backgrounds and ages to explore, discover, and expand their horizons.

The library and E-CIP conduct automatic copy searches in real time.

Display realtime status on book image


Show Status of owned books


Show Status of requested books


Books ready for loan


Duplicate applications are not allowed


Books you can apply for

New Book Curation

Provides only customized information to users among new publications in 7 countries
Recommended books provided by e-mail every day
A must-have service for user who are short on time, such as professors, researchers, and students

Response Solution

A responsive web site that can be applied to any device. No app is needed!

Create a Book List Spreadsheet

Automatically create a list of donated books
1. Automatically created a list of donated books immediately using only ISBNs
2. Automatically create a list of books by publisher, author, publication, and field

Real-time MARC solution

new releases MARC real-time automatic generation processing technology registered in US Patent No.: 11,409,718 B2

MARC Patent Registration

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