Robert Sroufe, Editor of the Environmental and Social Sustainability for Business Advantage Collection

Robert Sroufe is the Falk Chair of Socially Responsible Business and Professor of Sustainability at Chatham University, where he enables integrated management in the School of Sustainability & the Environment, along with the Sustainability + MBA Program. He is doing this in one of the first sustainability schools and first sustainability campuses (Eden Hall) in the U.S. The campus and programs are designed from the ground up to integrate community, business, agriculture, and conservation best practices. Geothermal, solar, and wind energy, high-performance buildings, C2C closed-loop food systems on campus, landscaping, sustainability dashboards, data, and hands-on projects are all central to this living campus laboratory. These programs, practices, and experiential learning are a purposeful effort to operationalize organizations and the natural environment in 21st-century university experiences for students and faculty. He is a researcher and consultant in operationalizing sustainable business practices, strategic sustainability, environmental management systems, sustainable supply chain management, and purchasing.

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