Sustainability Reporting and Communications


In order to know whether or not the corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative and its related commitments are actually improving the company’s performance, it is necessary to have in place procedures for reporting and verification, each of which are important tools for measuring change and communicating those changes to the company’s stakeholders. While certain CSR and corporate sustainability disclosures have now become minimum legal requirements in some jurisdictions, in general such disclosures are still a voluntary matter and companies have some leeway as to the scope of their disclosures and how they are presented to investors and other stakeholders.

This book is intended to be a practical introduction to sustainability reporting and communications that begins by discussing material legal and regulatory considerations and the some of the major sustainability reporting frameworks and then continues with detailed illustrations of how companies might create and distribute their sustainability reports and develop and implement their CSR communications strategies.


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Alan S. Gutterman

Alan S. Gutterman’s prolific output of practical guidance and tools for legal and financial professionals, managers, entrepreneurs and investors has made him one of the best-selling individual authors…

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December 7, 2020





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