Sustainable Investing: An ESG Starter Kit for Everyday Investors


The Essential Starting Point for Values-Driven Investors

You are passionate about the important issues facing our world: Climate change. Racial justice. Gender equality. And you do things to reflect those passions – volunteering, donating, voting, recycling. But there’s an even more powerful way to advocate for what matters to you: Changing your investments.

This book is perfect for individuals looking to make their first investments in “ESG” funds, which consider the Environmental, Social, and Governance aspects of the companies they invest in, as well as their financials. It contains useful and practical guidance on how to understand your choices in the rapidly expanding world of sustainable investing, and it offers concrete steps to invest in funds and companies that reflect your values.


About the Author(s)

Kylelane Purcell

Kylelane Purcell, Co-Founder, Till Investors.

What’s more interesting than your money, and the things you can do with it? Kyle has helped investors understand the power of their money at several financial companies, including Morningstar, American Century, and T. Rowe Price.

Ben Vivari

Ben Vivari, Co-Founder, Till Investors.

Ben offers a unique perspective on socially responsible businesses, as well as how to make complex data useful for a broad audience.

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October 9, 2023





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