Harness It: Renewable Energy Technologies and Project Development Models Transforming the Grid


At a time when energy systems must shift rapidly from fossil fuels to renewable energy, Michael Ginsberg has produced an enormously valuable guide to renewable energy for practitioners, students, and the broad public.” —Jeffrey D. Sachs, a world-renowned professor of economics, leader in sustainable development, and senior UN advisor

Ginsberg gives us a roadmap to making the electrification of everything sustainable and reliable, confronting what it takes to translate green visions into commercial reality.” —Carlos Pascual, Former US Ambassador to Mexico and Ukraine and Special Envoy for International Energy Affairs at the U.S. State Department of State

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Following an overview of the technical and historical development of the electric grid in the U.S. and Europe, this guide reviews hydropower, solar photovoltaics, wind energy, fuel cell, and battery technologies.

Next, it presents models for the connection of these renewable energy sources from large-scale to on-site and community power/microgrids. The models are explained through case studies in the developed and developing worlds that explore how technical evaluations are conducted, policy incentives implemented, and project finance applied. Considering the increasing importance of renewable energy for climate change mitigation, this book provides an overview of how renewable energy sources are integrated into the grid to promote better understanding among students and business professionals in the utility sector and across industries.


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Michael Ginsberg

Michael Ginsberg is a Doctor of Engineering Science candidate at Columbia University, specializing in solar energy integration into the electrical grid. In his work with the US Department of State, Mi…

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June 14, 2019





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