People, Planet, Profit. Environmentally and Socially Sustainable Business Strategies


When you see or read about excessive corporate profiteering, business malpractices, poor social welfare, and environmental and ecological disasters, do you have an urge to do something? With so many analysis reports, academic journals, news coverage, and documentaries on the subject, why is there so little action?

Most management gurus and executives recognize that it is possible to achieve a triple bottom line – running a business for the benefit of the people, the planet, and profit at the same time. To achieve this, businesses have to solve their internal issues involving the leadership team, the management team, and the technical team.

Drawing from leadership and management practices, practical case studies, and using energy, water, raw material, waste and its associated environmental impact as examples, People, Planet, Profit describes the ten internal issues – five technical, two leadership, and three managerial – and solutions to these issues.

A coherent, joined-up, and concerted effort allows responsible businesses to initiate, gain momentum, and achieve success in reducing their environmental impact. The same tools can then be applied to other areas of a triple bottom line.


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Kit Oung

Kit Oung is an environment, social, and governance (ESG) consultant, and a management systems coach. He has 25+ years of experience in commercial and industrial companies across five continents…

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March 17, 2022





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