Managing Sustainability: First Steps to First Class




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John Friedman shares a rare and welcomed examination of putting the world’s modern corporate value creation frontier into practice. Business sustainability today is grounded in a model of business transforming the market. Instead of waiting for a market shift to create incentives for sustainable practices, leading companies are creating shifts to enable new forms of business sustainability to create tomorrow’s measures. From leveraging human capital, to attracting investment capital, to maximizing stakeholder engagement, to using a company’s stature to exert influence in its supply chain; Friedman lays out a step-by-step journey to step change. A must read for sustainability practitioners regardless of where they are on their journeys.–Scott Beaudoin, EVP, Social Purpose & Sustainability, Broduer Partners

Managing Sustainability: First Steps to First Class provides a compelling case, real- world examples, and the tools to follow a proven strategy for aligning sustainability efforts with existing organizational priorities. This strategy has taken companies from initial conception to the top of the sustainability rankings. Using examples from leading companies, readers will understand how to build programs that drive results and enhance reputation.

Benefits include enabling companies to attract, hire, retain, and fully engage the best talent, seize the innovation high ground with new and premium products and services, provide access to socially responsible investment capital, implement “best practices,” earn license to operate, reduce compliance and regulatory costs, and more.

Includes the latest trend to go beyond the organization’s own “footprint” to integrate their values into their supply chains and build employee and customer loyalty by empowering these essential stakeholders to live their shared values. Sustainability professionals or business strategists who are seeking to integrate effective programs that match corporate strategy with the purpose and values- driven initiatives that engage employees, build customer loyalty, and improve license to operate will benefit from the author’s more than 30 years’ experience in corporate communications, business, and corporate sustainability.

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