Making the Connection: Practical Steps in ESG Management


The Finance-Investment Industry’s response to the UN’s Sustainable Development (“2030”) Agenda, ‘E’, ‘S’ and ‘G’, represent diverse tasks, where wise and prudent investment enables profound impact on Sustainability. But what does this mean for those of us who do not work in finance and investing? This book unpacks the practicalities.

ESG presents a series of practical challenges and tasks to transform business performance. Organizations must now take ownership and move ahead confidently to deliver meaningful and sustainable outcomes.

This book views ESG as interconnected challenges. It provides a usable and coherent ‘roadmap’ to make assured strides in meeting – and beating – these challenges. Uniquely, it highlights and explores the win-win opportunities within your organization’s economic value chain.


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Peter Sammons

Peter Sammons, M-CIPS. A hands-on commercial specialist, who’s career traverses private and public sectors. Author of Right First Time: Buying & Integrating Advanced Technology and Contract Management: Core Business Competence, he develops and delivers training seminars worldwide.

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May 13, 2024





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