Confronting the Storm: Regenerating Leadership and Hope in the Age of Uncertainty


In Confronting the Storm, David passionately argues for a shift from the predominant legacy thinking that struggles with our greatest challenges to a regenerative and collaborative mindset within leaders. Humanity is at a fork in the road so new, creative, and urgent leadership is essential. For us all and future generations to be able to thrive on Spaceship Earth, this book makes for compelling reading.” –David Houle, MD, The Sarasota Institute and 5x TEDx speaker, US

Traditional leadership wisdom is buckling and failing.

Leaders are not only grappling with the pandemic, but a greater challenge awaits them – a storm of complex social, environmental, and economic issues that is leaving organizations extremely vulnerable.

As daunting as it may feel, there are substantial opportunities to thrive.

David provocatively argues that, to successfully deal with the storm, we must accept that the leadership styles that have been celebrated for centuries are now an obstacle to progress. He explores the storm-defying alternatives: key skills and traits that are now crucial for regenerating lives, livelihoods, and the planet, pointing the way to a more collaborative, innovative, successful future for leaders and organizations.

This argument is amplified by some of the most inspiring global leaders who are successfully confronting the storm – including a former Prime Minister, former Foreign Minister, one of Fortune magazines ‘50 Greatest Leaders’, and more.

What will your legacy be?


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David Ross

David Ross works as a VUCA Strategist, founding Phoenix Strategic Management during the GFC. For close to 30 years, he has been helping leaders, organizations, and communities thrive by tra…

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September 12, 2022





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