Global Sustainable Capitalism


Sustainable capitalism is more than a response to the environmental crisis. In this book, the authors propose a new conceptual business model as a contribution to global sustainable capitalism in the making, in an attempt assist in the education of global stakeholders about the importance, the rationale, and the pathway to the introduction of sustainable capitalism principles into global economics and business models.

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Mario Svigir

Mario Svigir, PhD, is one of sustainable economics pioneers. He holds a doctorate in economics. Dr. Svigir collaborates extensively with international organizations and clients on projects dealing wit…

Harry Xia

Harry Xia, DBA, is an associate professor and director of graduate business programs at the Craig School of Business of the California State University, Fresno. He has held key management positions in…

Marcus Goncalves

Marcus Goncalves, EdD, PhD, is an international business scholar and management consultant with primary research interest focused on global entrepreneurship, internationalization modes, pa…

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December 19, 2019





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