Dismantling the American Dream: How Multinational Corporations Undermine American Prosperity


This book is not an academic treatise. It is a concise story that tells what America’s multinationals did to the U.S. economy and how they did it. It is an applied and actionable book which includes many suggested solutions that function as steps the reader can take in their company.

This book is based on a promise made by multinationals in 2018 when 181 CEOs signed a commitment letter to lead their companies not just for the benefit of their investors, but for the benefit of all stakeholders: customers, employees, suppliers, communities, and shareholders.

During the last 40 years, the American dream has been dismantled by the policies and decisions of the multinational corporations (MNCs). Instead of benefitting all stake holders, they chose to favor their shareholders over all stake holders and short-term profits over society and country. To begin this process of change to achieve these new commitments, they must first understand what corporations did wrong since 1980 that didn’t benefit the other stakeholders.

This book will provide managers a detailed summary of the problems and obstacles they will need to address and overcome if they are going to make good on their commitment to meet the needs of all stakeholders, including employees, suppliers, communities, and an economy that serves all Americans. It also offers many solutions that will help them improve their job performance.

It is in the interest of America’s multinationals to find ways to protect their technologies, reduce outsourcing, and shift their focus to playing in a long-term economic game if they want to be competitive in the future.

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Michael Collins

Michael Collins, MBA, has 35 years of experience in manufacturing. Before retiring in 2004, he was vice president and general manager of two divisions of that manufactured palletize and robot s…

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October 10, 2022





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