Women Leaders: The Power of Working Abroad

Women Leaders: The Power of Working Abroad will benefit anyone who is committed to broadening the ranks of leadership and any woman aspiring to fast track her career. At a time when organizations around the world are facing a growing leadership crisis, this book explores how to  ll leadership pipelines with more talented women by accelerating their development through a powerful approach— working and living abroad.
The authors combine their expertise with research and stories from female global executives, to describe strategies women can use to secure an international role, prepare for success on the job, and rapidly develop their professional capabilities. This book makes the opportunity to expatriate and fast track professional development accessible to all.

Comes With Ancillaries
The authors have created a very valuable toolkit to accompany this book when the book is purchased or adopted for a course. This toolkit provides so many insights into helping anyone and everyone getting that international job!If you have purchased or adopted this title, please contact our?marketing department?for a copy of this toolkit!

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April 11, 2019



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