The Aperture of Modern CEOs: Aligning Purpose and Focus

In the 21st Century, the Chief Executive Officers role is both complex and multifaceted. As the key architects of culture in their organizations, how their actions, behaviors and mindset are role modeled and perceived is pivotal and how they in turn, evoke leadership in everyone is essential.

Along with input from Global CEOs, this book examines and assesses how CEOs defines, navigate and instill key activities of organizational life and provokes and challenges the nature of their practice.

It shares practical strategies on how CEOs ways of being can influence and contribute to the adoption and embedment of ways of working that better serve employees, stakeholders and organizations. Ultimately, in the pursuance of healthier organizations!

Key activities of organizational life include purpose and vision; strategy and structure; leaders’ actions, behavior and mindset; culture change and change drivers; new ways of thinking, doing and being and, activities for the future in terms of space, innovation and reimagining.

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June 15, 2022

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