The Successful New CEO: Core Leadership Principles That Will Guide Your First Year


This book is for anyone on the pointy part of the organizational pyramid, whatever your title is.

Every leader and organization is unique. But new CEOs often share many experiences, situations, and decisions. This book shines a light on those and illustrates the fundamental principles that will guide a new CEO through them.

The Successful New CEO is organized into four parts:
Becoming an Executive: Leaders can only lead out of who they are. How do you become the kind of person who successfully and gracefully inhabits this role?
Seven Essential Executive Skills: The skills that earned you the role may not be what you need in that role. What are the critical leadership skills that become even more important as a CEO?
Leading Your Leadership Team: CEOs head up leadership teams. How do you lead a confident, capable leader? How do you build a team out of leaders?
First Things: Where do you start? How do you quickly build credibility and engagement? What is too fast or too slow?

The Successful New CEO will help you quickly gain the confidence of others, successfully address the inevitable issues you will discover, score early wins, and set the course for a fruitful future.


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Christian Muntean

Christian Muntean works with leaders of fast-growth companies and owners of businesses who are planning for profitable and meaningful exits. He is an executive coach and a trusted advisor to boards an…

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September 12, 2020





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