Personal and Career Development: A Workbook on Self-Leadership


This workbook will help readers identify their strengths, interests, and priorities to take ownership of their life and career decisions. The authors provide a framework to reflect on several questions that are becoming increasingly important among the 21st-century leaders—how to create an authentic leadership style, define one’s values, and align vision–values career. Readers are given an extensive number of tools for defining their purpose, creating a plan, and are being encouraged to take it into action.
Coaches, mentors–trainers who help others achieve their aspirations will benefit from the contents of this book. It is also very valuable for first-time and mid-level managers, recent graduates, and newly established entrepreneurs looking for tools to create a roadmap for their life and career planning.

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Claudio A. Rivera

Claudio A. Rivera, PhD, educator, writer social innovator, RTU Riga Business School (RBS) associate professor in leadership and director of the University of New York at Buffalo/RBS bachelor’s program…

Elza Priede

Elza Priede, MBA, educator, connector, youth mentor, RTU Riga Business School (RBS) community manager, has spent most of her career working with the current and the next generation of Baltic civic and…

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May 30, 2021





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