Rules Don’t Work for Me: My Code for Business and Life


It is tough to succeed in these days whether it’s the business of life of the business of business. It can be especially tough for outliers. Here is the personal code for success for one outlier. Of course, it all depends on how one defines success. If success means happiness at home and in the workplace, this is the code for you.

In this book we will explore nine principles to live and work by from an outlier perspective. This is not saying these principles and this personal code are the only way. They are just one way. The hope is that you will find your own way and embrace your own outlierness and uniqueness. The principles are: Know Thyself, Develop Courage, Develop Mastery, Grow Your Pennies, Be Tenacious, Have Faith, Lead the Way, Challenge the System, and Save the World.

Along with these principles, the author will share a little of her story and stories from clients who came to her for career coaching. I have changed the names of clients to protect their confidentiality.

Perhaps you wonder. What is an outlier? There is no one perfect definition. It means you may think different than others or feel left out or you don’t relate to the status quo, or the status quo makes no sense. It may mean that whenever you follow whatever rules are set for you that those same rules don’t seem to work for you. Consider rethinking the rules.

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Gail Summers

As a career coach, Gail Summers tries to help clients build successful careers, based on their definition of success. Instead of retiring, Summers has gone back to school to pursue a PhD in Ind…

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November 15, 2021





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