An Overview of The Public Relations Function, Second Edition


“This book provides a comprehensive, yet understandable, theoretical basis for the practice of public relations—something that every public relations student and professional needs. The book builds on the best theories, as well as emerging theories from U.S. and international scholars. Readers will understand the value of the communication function to organizations, publics, and society and will emerge with the theoretical tools they need to manage the function effectively.”—James E. Grunig, Professor Emeritus, University of Maryland
This second edition of An Overview of the Public Relations Function
examines current thought to help busy managers and students master the most important concepts of management in communication quickly, accessibly, and with an eye to helping an organization achieve excellence through cutting-edge, research-based strategic public relations management.
Part I of the book acquaints the manager with the lexicon of pub- lic relations and provides research on its theory, its subfunctions, such as research or public affairs, and the ethical guideline CERT formula: Credibility, Ethics, Relationships, Trust. Part II examines the role of the CCO and dominant coalition, organizational culture, structure, effectiveness, managing stakeholders and publics, using research to create strategy, and the “RACE” process of public relations management.
In Part III, the authors discuss the advanced management concepts of issues management, specialization in the sectors of public relations, managing values, deontological ethics, conducting moral analyses, and counseling management. They review what research found in regard to the most excellent ways to manage public relations and relationships: both beginning and ending with ethics.

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About the Author(s)

Shannon A. Bowen

Shannon A. Bowen, PhD, professor, University of South Carolina. In more than 100 publications, she focuses on ethical decision making within the highest levels of organizations.

Brad Rawlins

Brad Rawlins, PhD, professor, Arkansas State University, chief academic officer of a branch campus, and author of many publications on transparency, trust, stakeholder prioritization, and publics.

Thomas Martin

Thomas R. Martin, executive-in-residence, College of Charleston, former vice president of corporate relations.

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March 15, 2019





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