How New Risk Management Helps Leaders Master Uncertainty


Check out the article by author Pojasek on IFAC to learn more about this book. Risk is the effect of uncertainty on the ability of an organization to meet its strategic objectives. The effects of uncertainty are expressed as opportunities and threats. Yet, most people associate risk with hazards and losses (i.e., pure risk). Unlike pure risk, uncertainty risk is not insurable because of its upside risk opportunities. Risk management is a key element of the open-sourced, high-level structure developed by the International Organization for Standardization. This structure for man- aging important organizational programs has been adopted by over 180 country standard-setting organizations.
This book helps the organization’s top leader gather the information needed to identify opportunities and threats and decide on the appropriate risk response in this uncertain world. The two most widely used risk management standards are presented to demonstrate that an organization can use either one or a combination of the two standards to help manage the effects of uncertainty on their organization. It’s fool-worthy to attempt to run an organization without formal uncertainty risk management. Let this book help you and your company’s way in an uncertain world.


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Robert B. Pojasek

Dr. Robert (Bob) Pojasek worked for the Australian firm known for its pioneering work in creating the world’s first risk management standard, AS/NZS 4360 in 1995. He is operating in a transformational…

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July 10, 2019





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