On All Cylinders: Succeeding as an Entrepreneur and a Leader, Second Edition


It’s time: Unleash the hidden potential within your organization today! Watch this engaging and entertaining video to learn more about the success of your business!

Learn more with this PowerPoint built by the author. The 4 Steps Business Model to rapidly respond and rebound includes Study, Structure, Strategy and Skills. The Skills portion includes the total skills in his book and he’s coaching executives and managers to rebound with new skills!

The attacks of 9/11 and The Great Recession created a new economy: the new normal. The result has been greater demands for management to unleash the power within diverse workforces and rapidly respond to market and technology changes. Business owners and management express frustration with their ability to accomplish goals with their personnel who seem apathetic about their businesses.

This book will help any leadership team use their talents to nimbly respond to shifting demands and create a better future for their business and their communities by transitioning from traditional management structures to a system of leadership behaviors. The components of that system include aligning the workforce, communicating rapidly and effectively throughout the organization, emphasizing ethical behavior, collaborating with clients and associates, and making informed decisions to improve operations and implement changes. The desired result is to develop an inclusive and high-performing workplace and innovation of new products and services that expand market positions and respond to market changes.

These elements were critical to the author’s success leading an organization ready to close it’s doors to a market leader, and can help any business improve performance and profits in this 21st Century new normal economy.


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Ron Robinson

Ron Robinson is a graduate of the University of North Carolina and has assisted leaders around the globe improve performance in their organizations. Industries served include software development, hea…

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October 17, 2019





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