Major Business and Technology Trends Shaping the Contemporary World


This book builds upon a wide variety of academic and professional resources to offer an in-depth analysis of the nature, causes, and consequences of major business and technology trends of our time. First, prospects for energy, commodities, water, food, and healthcare services are explored. Then, leading business transformations such as the sharing economy, Fourth Industrial Revolution, gig economy, and recent developments in the global economy are analyzed. Finally, innovation and emerging technologies including automation, robotics, connectivity, quantum computing, and new materials and energies are examined and their business implications are discussed.
Major Business and Technology Trends Shaping the Contemporary World is a timely and relevant reference for business leaders, managers, students, and all those who are passionate about understanding our rapidly changing world.

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Hamid Yeganeh

Dr. Yeganeh is a professor of business and international management at Winona State University in Minnesota. Professor Yeganeh is a multidisciplinary scholar who has earned his MSc, MBA, and Ph…

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February 28, 2019





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