Bruce Griffiths

To keep me connected to the modern world I constantly access a millennial focus group, also known as My Three Sons. One son is currently taking advantage of COVID found time to finish his undergraduate degree. In a recent conversation he lamented that his chosen university needed to do a better job of actually preparing him for a career, and for life! In today’s world of constantly shifting content and context he pointed out that “learning to learn” and other factors might be as important as some of his course content. He’s right…

Eden White

If you think you are being bullied at work by your sales manager or team sales member, you should be aware of the following personal indicators: • Being less active or successful in selling, your sales results begin to decline. • Being less confident about prospecting sales, less likely to engage new customers. • Feeling scared, stressed, anxious, or depressed, ending up with a clinical depression. • Often having time off for stress or medical related issues…

Tom Guggino

Many people don’t realize that communicating visually online is TV. People forget they are using a camera and projecting their image to others. The camera determines what others see and how they connect to you. They see less of you and the area where you are than in a face-to-face situation. Since it is TV, you have an opportunity to design and direct the focus of your audience. Knowing just a few techniques can turn a boring Zoom meeting into one where everyone feels they are engaged and interested. The first question to ask is, “Do you know who you are talking to”? Do you know their self-interest when it comes to your topic?

Decoding Your STEM Career

This audiobook is a must-listen to for STEM graduates who aspire to be the technical leaders and executives of our next generation. This audiobook is also for mid-level technical managers who seek to move up the corporate ladder but are not sure how to differentiate themselves from their peers.


Career development is more important than ever! Many experts believe COVID-19 will have a disproportionate impact on women in the workplace. Give yourself, other women, or men in your life the gift of honest dialogue about overcoming some of the unique barriers women can face.

Consumer Experiences and Emotion Management

Emotions can organize cognitive processes or disorganize them, be active or passive, lead to adaptation or maladaptation. Consumers may be conscious of their emotions or may be motivated by unconscious emotions. The emotions in combined form with different intensities have an adaptive significance in consumers’ life. Further, the challenges that marketers and researchers face in today’s global markets are to understand the expression of the emotions or consumer emotional experience.

Applied Humanism

You can’t understand humanistic business management unless you understand what humanism is. This book provides a short introduction to the philosophy of humanism and discusses how and why it is being applied to business and why it is so effective when you do so. Humanism helps us prioritize human value as important. It supports positive interpersonal relationships and collaborative and respectful decision-making. Since all businesses are in the business of solving problems, good problem-solving is essential to good business.