XanEdu Announces Partnership with Business Expert Press to Provide Concise, Applied Content to Supplement all areas of Business Education

LIVONIA, Mich., March 11, 2024 – XanEdu, a custom publishing company working with the higher education and K-12 markets and a part of the Scholarus learning portfolio of companies, has announced the formation of a new partnership with Business Expert Press, a publisher who provides concise, applied content to supplement all areas of business education.
Together, XanEdu and Business Expert Press will provide business school faculty with concise, supplemental content at a considerably lower cost than traditional textbooks. Each title within the nineteen initial, varied collections focuses on applied, real world information that enhances teaching of today’s most pressing business topics. All books are written in a concise manner to easily incorporate into existing course structures.
Business Expert Press’s award-winning books are written by experts in their fields and address emerging topics well in advance of their coverage in traditional business textbooks. Although brief, each book is deep in the treatment of the subjects with which they deal. They present cutting-edge topics, supported by current research, and inspired by dynamic changes in the global business environment. XanEdu combines that material in print or digital formats, with the flexibility to add, delete or re-mix content so faculty can customize and integrate with other materials to match course goals.
Business faculty are invited to choose from the initial nineteen business-based off-the-shelf collections, or they can pick and choose individual titles. As a custom materials publisher, XanEdu also gives professors and institutions the option to customize their own content to create their own course material collection that match course goals. Faculty can explore the available business collections, learn more, and reach out for additional information at: www.xanedu.com/bep

XanEdu, Inc. is a provider of educational content and curriculum services for K-12 and higher education. XanEdu spreads the knowledge of innovative content ideas by offering custom development and fulfillment services across K-12 and Higher Education. XanEdu partners with educators on each unique project to build and deliver engaging print and digital custom solutions and courseware content that addresses curriculum gaps and key initiatives for K-12 and Higher Education while maintaining our commitment to affordability and accessibility for all learners. XanEdu is part of the Scholarus Learning portfolio of companies headquartered in Livonia, MI. Visit www.xanedu.com or write [email protected] to learn more.

Business Expert Press (BEP) provides ¬concise, applied content to supplement all areas of business education. Business Expert Press seeks to publish the highest quality books on the broadest possible range of business topics. Because the one constant in today’s global business environment is change, businesses, too, must change to remain competitive. BEP books are written by experts for non-experts, on topics that directly contribute to the growth of professionals and aspiring professionals. Business Expert Press books are concise and applied. They are research-based with a practical focus. Often, the topics of BEP books are narrow in scope but deep in the treatment of the subjects with which they deal. When the subject is broader the books are still concisely written and maintain an applied focus. Learn more at businessexpertpress.com.

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