Tony Miller

Dr. Tony Miller, MBA, FCIPD, FinstAM, MRSH, MAPS, MBPS,FILM, is an Occupational Psychologist who specializes in improvements through people and change using artificial intelligence (A.I.) Rightsizing and remote working. In the past few years, he has published 31 books, one of which is in Chinese. Well-traveled, he has worked worldwide in 36 countries in the past 10 years, including the United States, and has acted as a specialist consultant for many top companies. His ability to continually create outstanding performance through people has resulted in his appearing on T.V. regularly. Recently he designed a mathematical model to enable any organization to calculate precisely how many people it needs, essential for any implementation of A.I. and Remote working applications. He is much sought after as a speaker and runs masterclasses and management briefings on creating organizational improvement.

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