Critical Leadership and Management Tools for Contemporary Organizations


A massive paradigm shift in the world of work and the way we manage people. What’s changing – everything!

All of this has been brought about by several converging factors. The impact of COVID on how we work; causing a shift from where work is done. Recent significant changes in Artificial intelligence, Chat GPT and robotics will impact on every area of work worldwide – it’s happening now.

Predictably, fewer people are now required in the world of work; those with a potentially amazing career will be talented people who will be paid on what they do rather than what they know – a huge change.

A new type of management. Inspirational leaders with a special skillset will be in high demand. Managers of the past are unlikely to have the skills or personality to get the best from the new breed of super employees.

In this book we will look at all these issues and provide readers with the current facts, case studies form the world’s leading companies, worked examples and most importantly practical advice on how to do it.


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Tony Miller

Tony Miller, PhD, adjunct Professor, BSc, MBA, FCIPD, FinstAM, MRSH, MBPS, MAPS FILM. He has spent most of his career in the field of Business improvement, reshaping organizations and driving organizational change. Currently most of this involves the move to New Leadership and the incorporation of A.I.

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October 16, 2023





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