Human Resources As Business Partner: How to Maximize The Value and Financial Contribution of HR


In current “what’s New” topics this is the biggest. Just how does HR become a business partner? This book is a step-by-step guide to becoming a business partner and showing the financial benefit of HR participation. The book contains six chapters and includes a self-diagnostic for HR functions to complete. In addition, the key competencies needed are explained together with worked examples of how HR Can add financial value. The methodologies will work in Public and private sectors and is the future direction for any HR function This book is focused on providing those interested with a “how to do it” approach to lift HR and to transform it into an effective unit with the capacity of becoming a true business partner and possibly a profit value centre.


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Tony Miller

Dr. Tony Miller, MBA, FCIPD, FinstAM, MRSH, MAPS, MBPS,FILM, is an Occupational Psychologist who specializes in improvements through people and change using artificial intelligence (A.I.) Right…

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August 29, 2017





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