Jay J. Silverberg

Jay J. Silverberg’s flair for business has earned him the reputation as a “business rebel”. He has started and run several successful ventures.

As an entrepreneurial trainer and mentor, Jay has developed innovative programs for both the beginner and the advanced businessperson, and has mentored countless entrepreneurs, newbies, business tire kickers, well-established businesspeople, professionals, business owners and managers; from start-ups to multinational Fortune 500 firms with projects that have spanned the globe.

Delivering doable advice in a user-friendly, no-nonsense style is Jay’s personal trademark.

Books by Jay Silverberg: A Cynic’s Business Wisdom: Winning Through Flexible Ethics; Dead Fish Don’t Swim Upstream: Real Life Lessons in Entrepreneurship (co-authored with Bruce E. McLean); Stuck Entrepreneurs: Escape Routes Out of The Quicksand; The Start-Up Junkie’s Playbook: A 30-Step Plan to Launch Your Business; Powerhouse Business Mentorship: A How-To Handbook for Mentors and Mentees.

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