Stuck Entrepreneurs: Escape Routes Out of the Quicksand


Learn to Escape, Avoid or Sidestep Your Descent into the Quicksand

Stuck Entrepreneurs provides inventive strategies for the quicksand-mired businessperson who asks, what am I doing wrong? or how can I break this inertia and move my business forward?

The author delivers advice that is steeped in real-world experience gleaned from his own variety of business ventures and consulting practice, and packed with his entertaining business stories. Some are happy, others are, well, disturbing.

This book casts a wide target readership net; from wanna-be and early-stage entrepreneurs seeking a foothold for their ventures, to established businesses floundering in the paralysis of quicksand.

Further, in this post-pandemic economic environment, many entrepreneurs, managers and professionals are laboring to re-birth their businesses. This book will provide the counsel and energy to strategize that return journey.

Stuck Entrepreneurs is a combination business manual and a workbook. Each chapter includes a challenging, self-directed workbook that encourages the reader to learn through the author’s own ‘how to’ or ‘how not to’ shared experiences.


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Jay J. Silverberg

Jay J. Silverberg is a “business rebel” who has started and run a number of successful enterprises. This book is a culmination of his business adventures (and misadventures) and offers up a …

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February 16, 2023





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