TAP Into Your Potential: How to Think, Act, and Practice Like an Entrepreneur


There are many books on entrepreneurship available in the market today, but very few speak to the mindset and philosophy required. This book focuses on the concepts, mindset, philosophy, and qualities of entrepreneurship. The author provides guidance and suggest helpful activities at the end of each chapter to inspire the reader to take positive steps toward entrepreneurship. It will teach the reader how to Think, Act, and Practice like an entrepreneur.
From The Author: The book will not only show you how to do it, but it will also provide first-hand accounts and personal experiences and details of how I did it, including the hurdles I encountered and how I overcame them. I wish to share those with you in the hopes that it makes your path toward entrepreneurship easier, and your successes greater, than mine.
I’ve also prepared slides to assist faculty members to better explain and/or expand on the major topics in the book. And I can customize the slides to create a presentation using information provided in the book depending on the faculty’s curriculum and audience.


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Rick De La Guardia

Rick De La Guardia is the President and Founder of DLG Engineering, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in building envelope systems to help mitigate or assess storm damage in hurricane-prone regions…

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November 20, 2020





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