Ethical Business Culture: A Utopia or a Challenge?


Small business is a major component of societies, especially now. Being in leadership positions in small business is something which sometimes involves tough decisions to be taken. Is ethical decision-making in small business a paragon that needs to be taken into consideration? On the other hand, surviving and growing is something that involves many aspects that also must to be taken into consideration. One crucial paragon is the human factor, which, for many, is more important than even strategy implementation.
Under this prism, this book will investigate both the ethical paragons that involved in small business ethical decision-making process and their consequences and the implementation of the right culture in small business as a paragon of stability and growth. The author of the book will shed some light into aspects that we all have encountered in our professional lives and which sometimes had major impact in both business and to the environment that surrounds it.


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Andreas Karaoulanis

Andreas Karaoulanis is a very experienced international business consultant, sales executive, tutor and professional trainer, business lecturer, public speaker, researcher, and author with many years …

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January 30, 2021





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