Managing Health & Safety in a Small Business


Managing Health and Safety in a Small Business is an up-to-date guide, reflecting current concerns about how to identify and manage health and safety risks in a small business, with a broad focus on practical guidance wherever your business is based globally.

It covers all the basic principles of assessing risks without quoting specific regulations that are likely to change depending on your location. With additional checklists and suggestions throughout, it can be used by individual business owners, consultants or business advisors working with them, or as a basic introduction to the key elements of risk assessment.


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Jacqueline Jeynes

Dr Jacqueline Jeynes, PhD, MBA, B. Ed (Hons), B.A(Hons) is a travel writer, regularly contributing reviews aimed at the mature travel market. A published non-fiction author since 2000, Dr Jeynes is al…

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March 3, 2022





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