Dead Fish Don’t Swim Upstream: Real Life Lessons in Entrepreneurship


Business academia offers an excellent entrepreneurial foundation. Then reality sets in.

This book bridges the gap between academia and real business, to counsel by example, and to deliver timely, actionable recommendations to capitalize on opportunities, or to sidestep hidden business grenades.

Advice is best delivered by those who have successfully walked the entrepreneurial trail, but not without incurring some scars along the way. That’s us.

For the university instructor or professor, this book adds another dimension to what is being taught, and facilitates the lecturers’ ability to convey important business lessons in bite-size morsels.


About the Author(s)

Jay J. Silverberg

Jay J. Silverberg is a “business rebel” who has started and run a number of successful enterprises. This book is a culmination of his business adventures (and misadventures) and offers up a …

Bruce E. McLean

Bruce E. McLean is a business veteran who has extensive experience with start-ups and high growth companies. He has designed and delivered sales and operations programs throughout the U.S. a…

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November 22, 2021





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