The Entrepreneurial Adventure: From Small Business to SME and Beyond


This book is perfect for anyone looking at business and entrepreneurship. It is ideal for anyone with an interest in business and anyone who has aspirations to start their own business–outlining key principles of the entrepreneurial adventure and the business world, bringing it to life using case studies.

Within this text you will find useful and practical information about business and entrepreneurship. James provides a robust understanding of the theory and real-world implications of running a successful business. He describes and explains the whole process from understanding the implications and risks, the start-up stage through to future expansion.

This book clearly demonstrates that if you consistently follow the good business habits and practices described, you really can achieve entrepreneurial success and the opportunities that come with it.


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Oliver James

Oliver James currently works for DJ Learning Ltd. and is responsible for day-to-day operations, supplier relationships, research and networking. He previously worked for a big telecommunication…

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July 29, 2022





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