Business Plan Project: A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing a Business Plan


This book is designed to meet important needs of each segment; (1) the business plan serves as a means for college students to learn about the major functions of business and how they are interrelated, (2) entrepreneurs need a business plan to provide direction in the organization and launch of a new business and secure initial capital from funding sources, (3) consultants need a user-friendly business plan format to assist clients that have limited or no business experience, and (4) instructors and trainers need a turn-key text with supplements that require no lecture and little prep-time to teach student how to write a business plan.


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David Sellars

David Sellars is a former salesperson, marketing manager, advertising executive, entrepreneur, and consultant who is now a university professor. He has worked for four Fortune 1000 firms, formed and o…

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October 25, 2009





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