Founders, Freelancers, & Rebels: How to Thrive as an Independent Creative


As quoted in the Huffington Post, March 3rd, Campbell says, “Whatever your idea is, you’re going to need bags of enthusiasm to make it work.” Many creative founders and freelancers share a longing for connection, reassurance and motivation.
In this book I’ve interviewed inspiring, brave and creative experts across the UK and US, tapping into some incredible insights and pulling them together into this friendly guide, to offer that support which we all need from time to time. This book’s for you if you’ve stopped feeling ‘hungry’ for new client work, you’re starting up for the first (or second or third!) time, or you’ve simply run out of steam. My intention is to offer a wealth of ideas and fresh perspectives to inspire you at any stage of your independent creative career.


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Helen Jane Campbell

Helen Jane Campbell works as a life and business coach for ambitious and creative entrepreneurs. Clients seek her help to bring more joy, energy and abundance into their lives, to create space and rec…

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March 30, 2021





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