Growing Your Business: Making Human Resources Work for You


If you are an entrepreneur starting a new venture, this book provides the information you need to choose your initial team of cofounders and employees. It shows you how to piece individual skills, talents and abilities into a cohesive structure that is prepped for success and follows with advice on how to continue using the same principles beyond the founding team far into the future.
As an entrepreneur, you know that the success or failure of a new venture lies directly in the hands of your cofounders and your initial employees. Their skills, talents, and abilities have to be pieced together in such a way to ensure you can meet your growth goals. This book shows you how to do that.
This is an examination of four key issues entrepreneurs face in finding and utilizing human resources to achieve success in their new venture. It discusses the issue of complementary versus similarity in relation to choosing cofounders. Should you choose cofounders who are similar to you in personality and skills, or should you choose those who are different and provide what you lack in terms of knowledge and abilities? It continues with steps toward a careful self-assessment that will actually help you complete the task of actually choosing cofounders.
The book then turns to the issue of establishing effective working relationships and communication with your cofounders and new employees. This includes guidance on establishing a clear division of roles and obligations, as well as attention to basic principles such as fairness. It then discusses human resources beyond the founding team and how you can effectively recruit the talented people you need. Once your company is firmly established, come back to this unique text for information on how to ultimately delegate all these tasks you’ve been intimately involved in to others.
As an entrepreneur, you must have a firm understanding of the principles of recruiting, motivating, and retaining excellent employees. Your venture depends on it, and you’ll find this reference of value over and over again.


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Robert A. Baron

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Scott A. Shane was among the first people to sign with Business Expert Press as both a collection editor for small business management and entrepreneurship and as an author. His title, co-authored wit…

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