Bruce E. McLean

Bruce E. McLean is a business veteran who has extensive experience with start-ups and high growth companies. He has designed and delivered sales and operations programs throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Bruce’s expertise led him to dealing with Fortune 500 companies in some of North Americas toughest boardrooms. In his diverse business activities, Bruce has pioneered advertising and technology companies, and set up a manufacturing presence in China.

Regardless of all his big picture experience, Bruce is a dedicated start-up junkie. He was part of small team that grew a one office start-up into a 500 employee company. As he is fond of saying, ‘you don’t have to break the rules, you just make new ones’.

His business adventures span national and international marketplaces. Bruce’s exploits add entertaining and lesson-worthy escapades throughout this book.

Bruce is an avid sports fan and never misses a Seahawks game – Go Hawks! Bruce can be contacted at [email protected].

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