Stop, Change, Grow: How To Drive Your Small Business to the Next Level


You’ve grown your business, reached a plateau and are now struggling to grow. Each time you try something new or add a new customer, something else goes awry – leaving you spinning the same plates, under the glass ceiling that’s blocking your progress. You need a plateau buster to put yourself back on the growth trajectory!
This book is the inspiration you’re looking for. In three major sections it shows you how to:
‧ STOP doing many of the things that were once right but are no longer
appropriate, freeing up resources, allowing you to
‧ CHANGE what you are doing for better results today and then to
‧ GROW the business for a future that will excite you.
As you turn the pages, you will find real life examples together with easily implemented ideas and suggestions to provide an immediate impact on your thinking and your business.


About the Author(s)

Michael Carter

Michael Carter qualified as a chartered accountant with KPMG, but became cynical of the audit process and leapt out into commerce at the first opportunity. He has created, developed, bought,…

Karl Shaikh

Karl Shaikh has a never-ending thirst for learning. He is curious, challenges perspectives, and enjoys identifying new hypotheses to test. At the heart of his curiosity is the question: How…

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November 1, 2020





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