Powerhouse Business Mentorship: A How-To Handbook for Mentors and Mentees


Powerhouse Business Mentorship is the Definitive Business/Entrepreneurial Mentoring Handbook

Mentoring embraces vision-building, handholding, numbers-crunching, and encouragement. It’s a two-way street consisting of the mentor (advisor/coach) and the mentee (the committed participant).

For the mentor, Powerhouse Business Mentorship offers powerful, success-oriented techniques and proven strategies that can assure a mutually effective mentorship experience. For the mentee, this book counsels on how to choose a mentor, how to control the process and how to get the most out of the relationship.

Mentoring is not all about ‘You need to do it this way, my way’, but more so ‘Tell me what you are trying to do and where you want this opportunity to take you’.

Powerhouse Business Mentorship also recounts Jay’s mentoring journeys. Some were great and delivered memorable outcomes, some merely good, and others best described as…‘colorful’.

Everything Jay has learned from his mentoring encounters has found its way into Powerhouse Business Mentorship.

Anyone leading or participating in mentorship needs to have Powerhouse Business Mentorship as their indispensable handbook.


About the Author(s)

Jay J. Silverberg

Jay J. Silverberg’s flair for business has earned him the reputation as a “business rebel”. He has started and run several successful ventures.

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September 5, 2024





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