Zen and the Art of Business Communication: A Step-by-Step Guide to Improving Your Business Writing Skills


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No matter who you are or what you do, effective communication is key to success. Whether you struggle to convey your thoughts in clear, concise and compelling prose, or already wield words with power and precision, Susan Luck’s Zen and the Art of Business Communications will move you forward on your path to better writing. A quick read with lots of commonsense tips and real-life examples, the book delivers a step-by-step method to achieve clarity of thought and expression in your writing. The author’s holistic perspective offers simple, precise ways to impress, inform and influence your audiences, not only through your writing but in your verbal, video and PowerPoint presentations as well. As a professional writer and editor, I found the book educational, engaging and entertaining, and I highly recommend it. It’ll now have a place right alongside my AP Stylebook and Strunk and White’s Elements of Style. — Nayda Rondon, Communications and Community Outreach Specialist for nonprofit Art Beyond Sight and Editor of BC THE MAGAZINE
Fabulous woman and professor who WILL teach you how to write! — Becky Ayers, Chief Administrative Office, Orthopedic Hospital of Florida
Dr. Susan Luck is a bright light in business communication. An internationally recognized authority, Dr. Luck is a frequent, featured, conference speaker. Her experience as a television news writer shows. Her words spark and flow. In Zen and the Art of Business Communication you’ll see how today’s frenetic business pace and electronic communication glut is distorting your messages. People are compelled to respond faster and faster. In our frenzy we write poorly crafted, word-bloated messages. We send more messages, yet, we communicate less. We think mostly about ourselves; our needs. We neglect our reader. As a result, our communication suffers. Using Dr. Luck’s Zen approach, you’ll find calm amidst the frenzy. You’ll learn to write simply and clearly. Your communication will soar. You will get the response you seek. — D. Joel Whalen, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Marketing, DePaul University, Chicago and Director, DePaul University’s Effective Business Communication Program
In today’s online world, our professional image depends on our ability to communicate. Whether we’re communicating by email, text, social media, written reports or presentations, how we use our words often determines how others view us. This book offers tips and techniques that can improve anyone’s professional image.
The author covers how to analyze multiple audiences and strategies for communicating your message effectively for each; structuring your message for greatest readability and effect; persuasion and tone; and how to face your own fears of writing. The content is delivered in a simple, clear style that reflects the Zen approach of the title, perfect for both the entry-level employee and the seasoned executive.

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Susan L. Luck

Susan Luck is currently full professor of business in the Graduate School at Pfeiffer University. Certified as an advanced online instructor by the Online Learning Consortium (formerly Sloan C), the …

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