Welcome to My Trading Room: Basics to Trading Global Shares, Futures, and Forex, Volume II: Create Your Own Brokerage


This is a book on how to structure any trading business to build wealth based on a foundation of knowledge and trading discipline. The book is organized in five parts, covering all the basics needed to prepare the reader to prepare to trade in the global markets. It is the culmination of the perspectives and professional insights of an internationally-known author of thirteen financial books and a 30- year track record in the fields of investment, corporate finance, and trading. Jacque Magliolo is an economist, corporate adviser and strategist to multinationals, universities and international organizations, One of his intentions with this book is to demystify the complexities that make up markets around the world.

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Jacques Magliolo

Jacques Magliolo is an economist, corporate advisor to multinationals, and an international best-selling author of 18 books, including five university MBA textbooks. Jacques holds a masters degre…

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October 28, 2017





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