Jacques Magliolo

Jacques Magliolo is an economist, corporate strategist, stockbroker, and advisor to multinationals and SMEs and an internationally bestselling published author, speaker, and lecturer. He is currently completing his PhD in the field of stockbroking. Jacques has been an investment and corporate strategist since 1987. He started his career as a financial journalist for the Financial Mail, before being headhunted into stockbroking. Jacques has written for international publications (UK Petroleum Economist and Mail & Guardian) and has written 14 financial books, of which six are international bestsellers on trading and five university MBA textbooks. His experience includes business development and corporate strategy. Before setting up BCI in July 2000, he was a director, partner, and head of research at stockbrokers Global Capital Securities. Jacques has developed a four-phase approach to corporate intelligence, which includes in-depth market research and analysis, due diligence, business plans, corporate
profiles, and implementation strategies. In addition, Jacques has also regularly been interviewed on SABC’s News Today, Summit TV, and CNBC Africa. Born in Morocco, today Jacques lives in Cape Town with his wife Kathy and children.

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