Mastering the Moneyed Mind, Volume II: The Bottomless Line—Important Lessons They Did Not Teach You in Business School


The Bottomless Line—Important Lessons They Did Not Teach You in Business School is the second book in a series about the psychology of money by Dr. Christopher Bayer, the Wall Street Psychologist. This book builds on the key concepts in the first volume, to draw the reader’s attention to the “dark side” of the business world. Structured in a way that enables readers to examine contemporary examples of willful co-optation, misuse, and misinterpretation of old texts and ideas, run-of- the-mill corruption, and dangerous groupthink, the author examines the personal and broad-scale financial troubles generated by reckless financial misunderstandings.
The book is an exploration of how direct and indirect psychological conditioning eliminates morality from decision making in the world of finance. It provides evidence that ties systemic corruption on Wall Street to the lessons of the storied Milgram experiments (obedience, effects of perceived hierarchy and status, immoral actions—“just following orders”). In the end, readers are led to the “big takeaway:” the need to cultivate and maintain a core of character in order to weather any ethical storm.


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Christopher Bayer

Dr. Christopher Bayer is a licensed and certified clinical psychologist with more than 30 years of contributions to the field of psychology. He earned a Certificate of Specialization in Psychotherapy …

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September 28, 2020





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