Finance for Non-Finance Executives


This book is intended to help professionals, especially from functional areas other than finance—such as sales, marketing, human resource, research and development, production, and procurement—to gain an extensive working knowledge of critical financial principles in an easy-to-follow manner, enabling them to make critical business decisions involving cost-savings, budgets, new projects decisions, and growth strategies.
The author introduces the key concepts of finance so you can contribute to the success of your business. These will help you understand the language used by accountants and how financial statements fit together. Furthermore, you will understand how to use ratio analysis to get a sense of the company’s performance.
In addition, readers will learn the concepts of management accounting and various kinds of decisions, including make-or-buy and shutdown. You will gain an understanding of how to implement budgeting and working capital management. The exciting part is also the chapter on investment appraisal, where readers will learn how to evaluate business proposals from a return standpoint.


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Anurag Singal

Anurag Singal is a Chartered Accountant and an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad. He ranked 22nd and 25th All India rank in CA Final and CA PE-II, respectively. He received the “CA Professional Achiever-Manufact…

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August 15, 2020





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