Mastering the Moneyed Mind, Volume IV: The Gyroscope–A “Personal Money” Wellness Strategy


The Gyroscope—A Personal “Money Wellness” Strategy is the fourth book in a series about the psychology of money by Dr. Christopher Bayer, the Wall Street Psychologist. The book builds on the foundations laid in the previous three books in the series and delivers to the reader The Gyroscope—a personal wellness strategy, with a robust menu of tools for overcoming some of the critical money problems identified in the previous three books.
After a comprehensive definition of Gyroscope, readers are guided through self-assessments and evaluations, including communication and relaxation techniques—all aligned with or made to relate to best practices in fiduciary responsibility. As a tool for self-improvement, the Gyroscope offers readers strategies for work-environment survival and professional risk management, in addition to techniques for personal deception avoidance. Techniques in this area draw readers into a 15-point Personal Rules of Engagement checklist, and exercises in a personal mission statement, with techniques for success benchmarking, affirmations, and engagement in a personal Return on Investment (ROI) calculator.
As the final book in the series, it offers readers a tangible gift, a section covering the Top Five Things You Should Do Next—a concise, hard-hitting handful of advice that will get anyone on the road toward achieving their goal of balance and fulfillment—a naturally, solid, Gyroscope.


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Christopher Bayer

Dr. Christopher Bayer is a licensed and certified clinical psychologist with more than 30 years of contributions to the field of psychology. He earned a Certificate of Specialization in Psychotherapy …

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September 30, 2020





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