Capital Project Management: Capital Project Finance, Volume II


This book is companion to Volumes I and III in the series. Volume I covers managing strategy through capital project portfolios; Volume III is a complete case study.
This volume describes the strategic challenge of adding real economic value, properly and rigorously defined. The author explains how this is accomplished through the capital budgeting process; discusses the importance of free cash flow and finally, capital projects, as financial options, are discussed, as a way to manage risk while enhancing the likelihood of project approval.
The author is a retired business professor; his research interest has been the management of technology and innovation. For this book, he double-checked none of the 1,250 media items collected, accepting their overall veracity at face value. This approach advocates no one person, no one company, no one technology, and no portion of the global automobile industry. Analysis and practical application came foremost.


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Robert N. McGrath

Dr. Robert N. McGrath, PhD, MBA, PMP, graduated from the U.S. Air Force Academy and served five years in logistics fields. He worked in aerospace environments as a logistician, engineer, and manager for…

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November 18, 2019





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