The Non-Timing Trading System: A Rules-Based Conservative Trading System for Small Accounts


The Non-Timing Trading System is a conservative process for investing in the stock market. This book is perfect for the investors that are dissatisfied with low interest rates and want high returns on their investment without high risk. The book will teach you a low-risk strategy that will give you consistent average yearly returns between 20 percent and 30 percent and beat the S&P 500 year after year. The system is based on a mathematical model designed to protect your capital while giving you high returns.
You don’t have to time the market and pick the right stock. The market will tell you what it is doing. There are always corrections in the market, even severe ones. The book describes in detail how it handles downturns and how it gets you out of the market before corrections become severe.
The author doesn’t just show you a strategy and leave you hanging. There is a tutorial with five years of trading using the system which covers every possible scenario so that you are never left wondering what to do. Protection of your capital is its highest priority. The investor that is looking for high returns should not have to settle for high risk.


The author has built a series of instructional videos that are beneficial for professionals and faculty to learn more about non-timing trading and the system therein. Click here for a sample video. (These videos are free to faculty who have adopted the book) If anyone is interested in purchasing these videos, please visit

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February 15, 2021



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