Uses and Risks of Business Chatbots: Guidelines for Purchasers in the Public and Private Sectors


In this easy-to-read book, Tania Peitzker cites leading business intelligence and analyst firms’ research and takes a deeper dive into the practical challenges of chatbots, including the obstacles and triumphs experienced.

This world-first summary of the evolution of 2D chatbots in websites, backends of portals, social media apps, and conversationally advanced 3D mixed reality cognitive interfaces serves several purposes.

This book dissects some of the best-known case studies to emerge from the past two decades of tech giants launching the best chatbot, or supposedly the smartest, intelligent virtual assistant. From Microsoft’s to London’s Eugene Goostman claim to turing test fame, from the market dominating Amazon Alexa to Gatebox’s IoT innovation with its multi-cloned Japanese hologram girlfriend, this is the first ever history of bots.

This book also touches on the Trump vs Clinton chatbot wars as well as the UK Labour Party’s dating site stunt, including references made to Facebook Messenger bots and the impact of the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Included in the book is a hands-on checklist and guidelines in for people wanting to buy or license bots for their companies and organizations. The author also outlines the possible use cases and key issues to consider when sourcing and commissioning your first botification project, with the final chapters predicting where the future development – and development traps – might lie.


About the Author(s)

Tania Peitzker

Dr Tania Peitzker is a globally known technologist and innovator in Immersive Tech and voice UX or Conversational AI interfaces. She writes Case Studies from her decades long experience in the Creative Industries.

Praise for Uses and Risks of Business Chatbots

This book is a detailed exploration of the compelling business case for chatbots. It covers the advantages of the technology, the inherent challenges that exist, and advice on implementation. It will guide decision-makers through the complexity and opportunities ahead. Tania has created a valuable contribution to the necessary literature required for all of us to better understand one important aspect of the fourth industrial revolution.–Dr. Jonathon Reichental, LinkedIn Learning Instructor, CEO of Human Future, Author & Adjunct Professor at UC Berkeley & University of San Francisco, Former CIO of Palo Alto City

Peitzker’s book is a user-friendly guide into the world of business chatbots. It’s not a tech manual filled with jargon; it’s more like a conversation about how these digital assistants work, where they work well, and the areas where we should tread carefully. Forget the buzz – Peitzker grounds us in the reality of business chatbots. She goes beyond the hype, exploring how these bots are more than just digital receptionists. They can handle tasks, answer queries, and even engage in conversations that feel surprisingly human. Peitzker highlights that we should see chatbots beyond the flashy features and asks, ‘How can these bots be practical problem-solvers in the business world?'” –Ben Holland, The Book Club

“Uses & Risks of Business Chatbots is perfect for my business strategy work with all sorts of entrepreneurs and business owners. Whether they are digital venture founders or not, we all need to get a better grasp of what Virtual Assistants (what we’ve known as 2D chatbots) in their latest format – Cognitive 3D avatars in any language – can do for us as consumers, ‘users’ in the Experience Economy and business development directors of a globalised, rapidly changing Digital Economy powered by Artificial Intelligence”. –Natasha Mitchell, Business Strategy and Efficiency Consultant, Founder and CEO Inspire & Drive, Creator of the S.I.M.P.L.E Business Method and International Best Selling Author

Thank goodness someone is trying to enlighten us to the positives and negatives of this new world of technology. Congratulations Tania. This is easy to read and shows possibilities as well as difficulties. This world needs books like this as we are being overtaken by technology and needing education to stop our fear & bias. Yes you have started the ball to roll. I already see possibilities and ways to use the AI in a creative way. Thank you…–Sue Porter, Former Wimbledon, French & US Open Tennis Champion and WTA Players’ Mentor and Local Youth Coach in Cairns, Australia, and Miami, FL.

I wasn’t sure of the connection between AI and chatbots used for business before I read this book. It has helped me understand Conversational Commerce as ‘botified’ Conversational AI. So how these new 3D bots can be deployed for maximum advantage in the public and private sectors. The checklists and guidelines were really useful and I have recommended them to my clients in the technology sector as well as other stakeholders I work with in the civil service, media industry and advertising with regard to Intellectual Property, privacy laws and use of consumer’s data.–Sean James Kelly, Technology Solicitor at SJK in Sydney and Corporate/Government Adviser, Australia

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March 20, 2020





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