The Future of Work: How Artificial Intelligence Can Augment Human Capabilities


Jobs, and nature of work as we know it, are changing rapidly. Disruptive changes to work behaviors and business models will have a profound impact on the nature of work and worker. In this book, experts from industry and academia explore how innovative companies are leveraging arti? cial intelligence and intelligent tools to enhance and augment human worker rather than replace it.


About the Author(s)

Yassi Moghaddam

Yassi Moghaddam is the executive director of International Society of Service Innovation Professionals (ISSIP), a non-profit whose mission is to ensure AI serves people and life, and managing director …

Heather Yurko

Heather Yurko is the director of Global Channels Engagement at Facebook, and past president and executive committee member of ISSIP. She is a featured speaker at international conference…

Haluk Demirkan

Dr. Haluk Demirkan is a Milgard Endowed Professor of Service Innovation and Business Analytics, and Founder & Director of Center for Business Analytics and Master of Science in Business Analytics at t…

Nathan Tymann

Nathan Tymann is director of the People Strategic Advisory team at Blue Cross NC. He earned a bachelors in English from Gordon College, an MBA from Northeastern University, and …

Ammar Reyes

Distinguished Engineer / Senior Director at Cisco Services Chief Technology and Strategy Office working on the Technology Strategy, CISCO

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March 1, 2020





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