Emerging Technologies: Blockchain of Intelligent Things to Boost Revenues


The convergence of blockchain and Internet of things (IoT) powered by data and artificial intelligence (AI) is on the agenda of several big companies and some of them have already started using its implementations, initiatives, and solutions in various projects. In this book, the author calls the convergence of these three technologies: the blockchain of intelligent things.
This book is targeted to help a broad audience, including anyone interested in and responsible for vision, projects, and implementations of blockchain, IoT, and AI in medium-sized companies and large enterprises. This would include business and technology managers, IT professionals, and last but not least, business or technology students, looking to broadening their knowledge and expertise. This book is number two in a series of four books.
The first chapters of the book take you from the convergence of blockchain and IoT, via an overview of the most important blockchain of things projects such as IOTA, and the industries, which are heavily being disrupted, into the blockchain of intelligent things, which essentially adds the business value of data science and AI. Further topics you will find in this book include chapters such as required skills, jobs and future, industrial IoT (IIoT) platforms, and opportunities, challenges, and trends of the blockchain of intelligent things. Readers looking for a methodology to engage in blockchain, IoT, and/or AI projects, can find a comprehensive description in my previous book New World Technologies: 2020 and Beyond.


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Errol S. van Engelen

Errol S. van Engelen is an author of management books. He is also a 35+ year IT and business development veteran at technology and consulting companies. While working in a full-time career, he complet…

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July 19, 2020





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